EBOOK: Introduction to Childhood Studies


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This popular and bestselling textbook provides an introduction to the field of childhood studies and offers a broad-based, comprehensive and accessible resource which brings together key themes in the area of childhood studies to provide a timely and scholarly introduction.

This new collection includes all the key themes of debate and interest and each chapter is written by an expert in a specific area of childhood studies and many chapters are authored by leading figures in their field. The new third edition builds on the success of earlier editions, maintaining chapters of enduring value while incorporating some fresh new chapters on integrated working with children; childhood sexualisation; and child soldiers. Hence the book remains intellectually robust, scholarly and confident in its academic approach, a feature that distinguishes the title from many of its competitors. The new edition also introduces additional pedagogy with interactive activities, annotated suggestions for further reading, and end-of-chapter bullet point summaries.

An Introduction to Childhood Studies 3E is invaluable reading for students, lecturers and practitioners from a range of professional and academic interests and particularly for those studying courses in Childhood Studies and Early Childhood Studies.

Contributors: David Buckingham, Diana Gittins, Chris Jenks, Glenda MacNaughton, Heather Montgomery, Jane Read, Wendy Stainton Rogers, Mats Utas, Valerie Walkerdine, Martin Woodhead

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