God's Healing Power in Dreams


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The Almighty God gives dreams to foretell or to forewarn man about future events, to unveil cryptic past events and to alert him about potential dangers that may possibly, be ahead of him. Specifically, Gods Healing Power in Dreams was written to proffer plausible Godly solutions to the worlds problems of dreams and nightmares.The book, Gods Healing Power in Dreams basically, expatiates on dreams as the incontestable evidences of Gods love and care for man and delves extensively, on the processes that are involved in its formations. Gods Healing Power in Dreams explains, in great details, how and why dreams occur and categorized the various dreams that there are based on their source, nature, packaging, dreamers perceptions and of course, based on whether the dreamer had it for him/herself (primary dreams) or for someone else (secondary dreams).Furthermore, Gods Healing Power in Dreams delves explicitly, on why dreamers forget dreams and suggests various ways by which forgotten dreams can be recalled. In addition, it enumerates the various benefits of recurring dreams and differentiates dreams from its sibling subjects. It dwells on numerous examples of marriage-related, life-saving, medically-important, and warning (nightmares) dreams and interprets them, the Almighty Gods way.Finally, it explores Mathematical Induction, a popular scientific theory, to establish that dreamers are potential prophets of the Almighty God and, gives clues to dreamers to deal with the devils powerless power.

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