Family Ties and Aging


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"At last: a book that melds research on family ties in later life inclusively. Connidis' book is not simply a research compendium but a theoretical synthesis of value to both scholars and students. Connidis' clear writing style makes it an excellent choice for students... I recommend this book both to teachers and researchers in the areas of family and aging." -- JOURNAL OF MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY Presenting a broad examination of the issues surrounding family ties and aging, this advances textbook provides an integrated and thorough representation of current research in the field. Whereas book on families and aging have traditionally focused on ties to a spouse and to children and grandchildren, Connidis's coverage is more extensive and more reflective of contemporary society. She includes groups and relationships that have typically been neglected, such as single, divorced, and childless older people and their family relationships, as well as sibling relationships among the elderly, live-in partnerships not formalized by marriage, and the family ties forged by gays and lesbians over their life course. Family Ties and Aging weaves the vast range of information we now have about the many facets of family relationships and aging into a critical, comprehensive, and integrated whole.

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