Daily Life on the Old Colonial Frontier


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The frontier region was the interface between the American wilderness and European-style civilization. To the Europeans, the frontier teemed with undomesticated and unfamiliar beasts. Even its indigenous peoples seemed perplexing, uninhibited, and violent. The frontier wasn't just a place, but a process, too. It was a hazy line between colliding cultures, and a volatile region in which those cultures interacted.

This volume explores the frontier, explorers, traders, missionaries, colonists, and native peoples that came into contact. Everyday life is presented with all of its difficulties-the trading, trapping, and farming, not to mention the chronic threat of violence. Examining the period from the perspective of both Europeans and Native Americans, this book features over 40 illustrations, photographs, and maps, making it the perfect source for anyone interested in how people lived on the old colonial frontier.

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