Cupcakes and Cocaine


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When Brienne Joelle began attending a new mommies group, she was simply an overstressed mother who was trying to keep up with all the other supermoms around her. But when a fellow mommy took her aside one day and made an incredible proposition, Brienne could not believe her ears. We all do it, said the mommy who had just offered Brienne cocaine. In her poignant and honest memoir, Brienne shares the story of her real-life journey through the pressures of parenthood and into the darkness of drug addiction, the shame and guilt of divorce, and eventual rehabilitation. As she accepts the gift of cocaine with the hope she will gain energy to propel her through the hectic days, Brienne narrates how she soon found herself on a painful roller coaster ride that took her from the depths of hell to a new path where she learned to embrace her imperfections, build her self-esteem, and heal her emotional wounds. Cupcakes and Cocaine is the story of a girl who tried too hard and used too much to have too much; but, by losing it all, she found herselfand became the woman she was destined to be.

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