Dreams, Betrayal and Hope


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The dream of 1994 has been betrayed. A dream that imagined equality, a thriving economy, and a just and prosperous future for all. But poverty has deepened, corruption is rampant, and social tensions are on the rise. The country needs to hope again. In this thoughtful analysis of what’s right and wrong in South Africa, Mamphela Ramphele speaks candidly about her own brief foray into party politics, considers the insights of black consciousness and other ideologies, and looks for solutions to the country’s problems. She argues that the political settlement of the 1990s needs to be accompanied by an ‘emotional settlement’ that will heal the trauma of colonialism and apartheid, and a ‘socio-economic settlement’ to promote social justice and equality for all. She seeks ways of reimagining the country and its future, and suggests innovative ways to solve the education crisis, to renew our cities, and to achieve a just and reconciled South Africa. ‘It is time,’ she says, ‘to reimagine the country and its future. We owe this to our children’s children. We dare not fail.’

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