Discover the Secrets of Reading with Creative Phonics


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Mackie Ramsay’s reading program is Magic! Our son
was struggling with reading in second grade when
Mackie began working with him for twenty minutes a day.
In just six weeks there was not only rapid improvement, but
he became very excited about reading for the very first time.
He looked forward to each lesson and eagerly learned the
‘secrets’ that gave him access to the mastery of his letters.
Now he is eleven and is devouring adult fiction, the more
pages the better. He is in the highest reading and spelling
programs in his class.

I have recommended Mackie to many of our son’s friends
with similar results. It is a great gift that Mackie gives – the
gift of not only reading well, but of reading with JOY.
—Alexandra Kennedy,
MA, MFT, psychotherapist and author of Losing a
Parent (Harper Collins, 1991).

CD Alphabet Adventures included inside the back
cover. Lyrics Mackie Ramsay, and MaryLee
Sunseri. Music composition by MaryLee Sunseri, singer/
songwriter and the winner 2 American Library Notables,
and 4 Parents Choice Awards for young children’s music.

The songs on the disc that accompany this book are absolutely
entrancing—a perfect way to reinforce the letters
for children. Each song is unique and beautifully produced —
I find myself singing them all the time!
—Barbara Lopez,
Music Instructor, Cabrillo College. Composer, “Body
Songs.” Published by Harper Collins in the “Health for Life”
program, grades K –3.

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