Dating A Pro


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The year is 1965 and Harrison is caught in the Graham curse with the wrong woman. 

At 33, Harrison Graham knew he lucky. The money he made allowed him to date debutants and to sleep with divorced women who knew the score. Did he want to find real love one day? Sure, he wanted a wife. Eventually. He’d give in then to the Graham curse of fidelity to that one woman his grandfather had warned him about. 

Until the right woman came along, the Honorable Doris Isette Pearson looked like a perfect distraction. She had handled her own divorce and was now on the dating market. Among the members of the Falls Church Country Club, Doris was nearly as infamous as him. The woman also played a mean game of golf and he’d heard stories about her almost going pro. 

Her tendency to buck convention as much as Harrison did definitely made Doris worthy of a tumble. She wasn’t his first older woman so the decade difference in their ages didn’t bother him a bit. After all, it wasn’t like he was going to marry the woman. All he wanted was to share her lonely divorcee bed and maybe stir things up at the club with a few mixed-gender golf games.

The last thing Harrison expected was to find himself falling for the most inappropriate female he’d ever met. 

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