Like Father Like Daughter


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A mother and daughter fight for their right to happiness and freedom.

Anne Baker writes a moving saga in Like Father Like Daughter, in which a young girl struggles for a brighter tomorrow for herself and the mother she loves. Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries and Lyn Andrews.

Rebelling against the domineering man she believes to be her father, Elin Jones runs away from her Welsh home to find a job on Merseyside as a maid in the wealthy Oxley household. Seduced and left pregnant by the son of the family, she feels forced to marry the butler, but finds herself condemned to a life of abuse and poverty. Only her love for her daughter, Laura, keeps Elin going. Laura grows up with her natural father's intelligence and drive, as well as his talent for business, and when she seizes the chance to buy an ailing company, it is the start of a meteoric career. But Laura's personal life is less of a success, and it will take a twist of fate to enable Laura and her mother to find love and happiness.

What readers are saying about Like Father Like Daughter:

'Very moving story line. It was as though you were in the story with Elin and Laura - excellent book'

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