Thirteen Keys to Unlock your Power


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This book is inspired by the author’s own experiences 10 years ago which completely transformed her as a person. This journey gave her deep insights into the inner workings of her own mind, and she has been excited to spread this message ever since. This passion nudged her down the path of becoming a certified life coach. Using simple, sometimes plainly obvious, yet profoundly powerful ideas, she has been able to help many of her clients. The book gives thirteen powerful keys to unleash your power within. The thirteen chapters on the book are dedicated to thirteen different traits which make us human. They describe ideas that appear natural and familiar to all of us, but when applied in your life through the thought-provoking exercises attached to each chapter, will unleash your inner power to cause whatever shifts are needed in your lives. The book usually has the effect to make the readers more confident in their life pursuits, connect with her true self – open and connected to others, and not trapped in the drama of negative thinking, shame, and blame by learning to keep healthy boundaries and practicing self-care. The book is filled with the much needed “grab you by the shoulder and look you in the eye” moments. It is full of real-life personal examples from the author’s life and those of her clients’, which makes the book very gripping and thought provoking. The book is simple, yet so powerful, making the readers introspect the thirteen traits in their own lives, and compel them to come to terms with their true-self and claim their power within to live the life they deserve.

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