Landmark Papers in Cell Biology


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Spectacular advances are being made in our understanding of cells, from the beautiful intricacy of their structure to the incredible complexity of the biochemical reactions and pathways that regulate their behavior. Published to mark the 40th anniversary of The American Society for Cell Biology, Landmark Papers in Cell Biology contains reprints of 42 seminal papers that illustrate the fields great advances along with brief commentaries that place the papers in historical and thematic context.

Highlighting advances in cell biology since the founding of the Society in 1960, the papers-all studies of eukaryotes-were carefully screened and chosen for their significance in the field by eminent cell biologists Joseph Gall and Richard McIntosh. The articles in this timely reference are grouped according to the following themes:
-- Genome organization and replication
-- Transcription
-- Nuclear envelope and nuclear import
-- Mitosis and cell cycle control
-- Cell membrane and extracellular matrix
-- Protein synthesis and membrane traffic
-- Cytoskeleton

Both accessible and comprehensive, Landmark Papers in Cell Biology will provide students, teachers, and investigators with both a detailed history of cell biology over the past four decades as well as an insightful look at the field's exciting future.

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