Atlas of Antarctica


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Although it is generally understood that the Antarctic Ice Sheet plays a critical role in the changing global system, to date there is a general lack of readily available information on the subject. The Atlas of Antarctica is the first atlas on the seventh continent to be published in 20 years. It contains 145 accurate topographic and elevation maps derived from satellite data (GEOSAT and ERS-1 radar altimeter data), which are the best of their kind available today. Each map is accompanied by a description of geographic and glaciological features.

The introductory chapters familiarise the reader with the world of the Antarctic Ice Sheet and its role in the global system, as well as discussing satellite remote sensing and geo-statistical methods at textbook level. Applications include detailed regional studies of 15 outlet glaciers of the inland ice, some of which are currently changing rapidly. Combinations with SAR data facilitate the study of surface structures and flow features.

Despite its state-of-the-art scientific accuracy, the Atlas of Antarctica is not only intended for use by researchers and students in glaciology, geophysics, remote sensing, cartography and Antarctic research, but also informative and enjoyable for any reader interested in the seventh continent. The Atlas is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing all the atlas maps and elevation models – enabling the reader to discover a wealth of fascinating details in Antarctica!

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