Jesus Nailed It!


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Who is he? He is The Tormented One! He lurks in the shadows and mirrors her every move. His every thought is of her and he relishes the day he will have her at his mercy. His insatiable appetite to do her harm is building to an uncontrollable intensity and will have to be nourished soon!

A feisty, young detective, Gina Perry, is on the trail of a serial rapist whose violence escalates to murder. As she follows the leads and diligently pursues all suspects, she becomes not just the hunter, but the hunted. The killer breaks into her apartment and threatens her with a knife, but is interrupted and manages to escape. He then begins leaving personal messages for her at the crime scenes. It becomes painfully obvious that the man who attacked her is the same man who is terrorizing the city.

Angered and determined to stop the killings, Detective Perry desperately searches for clues to reveal his true identity, before time runs out. It is up to Gina to save herself and everyone else from the wrath of the deranged killer!

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