No Regrets Parenting


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No Regrets Parenting is a book for busy parents in our busy times. Many parents find the challenges of being all things to all people daunting. How to do it all? How to stay sane while trying to do it all?

No Regrets Parenting teaches parents to experience the joy and depth of the parenting experience amidst the chaos and choreography of daily routines. Car pool, bath time, soccer practice, homework, dinner hour, and sleepovers all become more than just hurdles to overcome to get through the day. They are opportunities for intimate and meaningful time with young kids. It's not how much time you have with your kids, but how you spend that time that matters in the life and legacy of a young family. No Regrets Parenting helps parents find the time to do it all and feel good about their kids' childhood.

There is a simple, single truth for every parent. Your kids need you to be there. They need to see who you are and how you live your life. And, in return, they will help you to better see who you are and how you should be living your life. No Regrets Parenting is about time. Finding enough of it and making the most of it.

"My office is littered with parenting books... The books, as abundant as they are, aren't helping... But Dr. Rotbart's No Regrets Parenting is something special." --KJ Dell'Antonia, New York Times

"I'm making a point of holding hands with my kids more often, ever since I read Dr. Harley Rotbart's new book... Dr. Rotbart made me realize I shouldn't count the minutes, but the moments... Dr. Rotbart's book turned my head around." --Dana Points, Editor-in-Chief, Parents magazine

"Time passes all too fast, and when the kids do leave home, readers who followed Rotbart's blueprint will greet their children's departure with satisfaction of a job well done." --Publisher's Weekly

"Puts the control back in the parent's hands, by focusing on the time a parent does have with children, instead of focusing on the time that the parent doesn't have...feels like a knowledgeable friend sharing their own insight." --Cara Lemieux, ABC News

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