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Employs a The Guided Learning System to integrate applications and issues Presson/Jenner: Biology: Dimensions of Life, 1e is a one-semester biology text with an engaging, conversational style which encourages basic understanding of biology, issues, and applications leading students to a greater awareness of how they interact with the world around them. The goal of this text is to help students understand how biology relates to their lives and why they should develop a desire to obtain knowledge about science and biological issues. Your students will especially benefit from Biology: Dimensions of Life's new The Guided Learning System. This innovative set of key features is designed to help your students understand the many new biological concepts and applications within each chapter. A few highlights of the Guided Learning System include: -An Added Dimension and An Added Dimension Explained -What Do You Think? -Now You Can Understand -Quantitative Query Questions in the end of chapter material -A Running Glossary

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