Consumer Psychology and Consumer Behavior


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You no longer have to read boring, complicated textbooks or badly written E-Books to learn about business psychology and consumer behavior. In this book, everything you need to know about behavioral psychology, among other similar topics, is summarized in 220 pages without sacrificing important content.

The success or failure of the company is largely decided by a customer's purchase decision. Those who know what to look out for in terms of human psychology and behavior is in a clear position to better understand the consumer's decision-making process. The psychology of perception and advertising deals with the human errors of perception and explains how products and advertisements should be designed. Marketing Psychology looks at the errors of thought that the customer makes when making a purchase decision. After all, a purchase decision is less rational than you think. Those who succeed in applying consumer psychology can have a direct influence on the customer's buying decision. Recognize the mistakes you make in your personal decisions.

In this book, you will find all the topics you need to know about business psychology:

▶️ Psychology of Advertising

▶️ Basics of Critical Thinking

▶️ Marketing Psychology

▶️ Buyer Psychology

▶️ Psychology of Decision Making

▶️ Behavioral Marketing

▶️ Pricing Psychology

The book is already very successful in Germany and was ranked among the Top 100 Marketing books as well as the Top 20 in Market Research books.

The book has:

✔️ Simple and comprehensive Business Psychology explanations

✔️ Over 75 illustrations and examples of advertisements

✔️ Case studies, tips and summaries

✔️ More than 90 scientific Sources

✔️ Suitable levels for beginners and advanced users

Start now with a perfect introduction to the world of business psychology. Understand your decisions and apply the knowledge to improve your mental processes. Buy the book and benefit from the latest scientific findings in behavioral psychology.

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