The Child and Family Policy Divide


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This analytical study examines the principal areas of social policy affected by the split between children's, parents' and families' interests and presents an overview of policy over the past twenty years. It draws on a literature review of UK government and EU documentation, together with family case law, that has implications for family policy in England and Wales. This review outlines significant principles to inform consistent policy development. It is particularly timely in view of the recent child family policy changes, such as the appointment of Children's Commissioner and Every Child Matters overhaul of children and family support services. It is also relevant to international stipulations on child and family policies and emphasises the importance of safeguarding children's rights and promoting child welfare and child protection. It also assesses ways of balancing the interests of adults and children and supporting the family as a whole where this is to common advantage. The book has implications for policy in England and Wales and will be of interest to those involved in child and family policy, family law and human rights.

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