Guide to Literary Agents 2020


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The Best Resource Available for Finding a Literary Agent!

No matter what you're writing--fiction or nonfiction, books for adults or children--you need a literary agent to get the best book deal possible from a traditional publisher. Guide to Literary Agents 2020 is your go-to resource for finding that literary agent and earning a contract from a reputable publisher. Along with listing information for more than 1,000 agents who represent writers and their books, the 29th edition of GLA includes:

   • The key elements of a successful nonfiction book proposal.
   • Informative articles on crafting the perfect synopsis and detailing what agents are looking for in the ideal client--written by actual literary agents.
   • Plus, a 30-Day Platform Challenge to help writers build their writing platforms
+Includes 20 literary agents actively seeking writers and their writing

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