Marlow's Textbook of Pediatric Nursing Adaptation, 1/e


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Salient Features

  • Best coverage and presentation of child's growth and development from birth through adolescence
  • Multidisciplinary perspective comprising anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and nursing interventions specific to children
  • Interpretation of the holistic knowledge base using the nursing process
  • Systemic classification of the content facilitating easy location of topics
  • Multiple aspects of diseases/problems together with nursing management
  • Up-to-date information on treatment techniques and nursing management methods

New to This Edition

  • Simpler, less voluminous than the previous edition
  • Fully compliant to the INC curriculum
  • Topics such as Indian child care programs, the child in Indian scenario, process/rules for adoption in India, immunization schedule for children in India, etc., included
  • Concepts like joint family system, working mothers, changing roles of sexes, etc., have been adapted with modern Indian perspective
  • Data like nutritional requirements of children have been updated with regional specifications
  • Pictures of Indian children/families included to provide regional feel to the content
  • Easy-to-read, interesting and involving disposition, which leads the reader through the various facets of pediatric nursing
  • Improved layout, design and presentation
  • Chapter Outline added in the beginning of every chapter
  • Chapter in a Nutshell added at the end of every chapter, to help the learners quickly recapitulate what they have learnt

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