Family Centred Care


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"I cannot remember when I last read a nursing text and felt the same sense of relief: at last we have a resource which brings together the mass of concepts, theories and practice issues which are so fundamental to children's nursing. What is unique about this book is that it really does take the step of putting theories into practice. This book would make an excellent introduction for those wanting to increase their level of expertise in working with children and families at any stage in their careers." - extract from The Foreword by Anne Casey - Editor of Paediatric Nursing.

Family centred care is the cornerstone of Children's Nursing practice and this engaging and comprehensive text introduces both the theoretical and practical components of this important concept. The authors analyse current issues surrounding family centred care and provide readers with a unique Continuum for Practice that will enable them to implement the concept both in the community and in hospital based settings.

The text is clearly structured into the following three parts:
Part One provides a definition of family centred care and a Practice Continuum.
Part Two is an analysis of current perspectives, issues and challenges impinging on family centred care.
Part Three addresses the skills required to actually practice family centred care so that it can become a reality for children, families and nurses.

The underlying principles of family centred care are presented as frameworks grounded in the realities of day-to-day practice. In this way the reader is equipped with a toolkit that they can use to develop their expertise, at their own pace in their individual care environment. Family Centred Care will be essential reading for all student and qualified nurses working with children and their families in a variety of health care settings.

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