Keep The Home Fires Burning


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After tragedy, a young mother finds happiness again... before a bitter enemy threatens to destroy everything.

Anne Baker's unforgettable saga, Keep the Home Fires Burning, is a tale of tragedy, courage and devastating jealousy. Perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Lyn Andrews.

'With characters who are strong, warm and sincere, this novel is a joy to read' - Coventry Evening Telegraph

Lovely young Cathy is left pregnant with her first child when her husband is killed in the war. For a while she lives with her in-laws, but she leaps at the chance to return as a maid to the household where she worked before her marriage. With the birth of her daughter she is compelled to return to her parents-in-law, a less than ideal situation, particularly when in due course Cathy is being courted by a dear old friend. When Cathy marries again and sets up in the antiques business with her husband, it looks like at last she will find the happiness she deserves, but she has made an enemy who can't bear to see Cathy enjoying her life...

What readers are saying about Keep the Home Fires Burning:

'Very good - five stars'

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