A Mile in My Shoes


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There is a lot of knowledge I need to share. We as a species are being seriously messed with from every angle possible. We are being lied to about who we are and where we come from, and it hurts to see us as a species accepting things as they are. We should wake up and stop getting used to being treated like this. The evil ones in this world are seriously plotting against us. It's only us who can change the course of history and our future.

Our world is going through a lot of difficult challenges. It's up to us to make a difference and awaken humanity and inspire the masses so we can all make our world a better place. The people of our world need to wake up to the truth. It's all on us. We have back up. We all need to collaborate every race, every religion, everybody. Believe me, we are all in this together.

There are people and other beings in our world that live underground. The truth is that there are evil networks that are manipulating our military and governments to fight and kill these higher-dimensional beings. These beings are the first intelligent life here on earth known as Terra. These beings are better known as angels. There are many different species in the angelic kingdom.

Heaven is not a faraway place. It's a dimension that lives around us. The governments and military need to wake up and realise who the bad guys are. We are being manipulated to believe these beings are alien and that they shouldn't be here when the truth is that this is their home too and we are the newer less-evolved species. That's why it's their job to protect us. The evil ones are trying to wipe them out. These are the people who are threats to humanity. We have to try to stop them.

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