Competency in Pediatric Nursing


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Competency in Pediatric Nursing: A Modular Training Program provides comprehensive clinical education in nursing care for children and infants with complex medical conditions. This unique manual teaches a skill set that can be applied in any setting – in the home, in hospital neonatal or pediatric intensive care units, or in long-term or sub-acute facilities.In developing this learning system the authors observed thousands of hours of pediatric nursing care. The result: each training module is based on procedures and techniques that have been tested and refined in actual practice settings – and have been proven effective by pediatric nurses and healthcare administrators.Medical educators and trainers will find Competency in Pediatric Nursing facilitates interactive learning. Each module is designed as a teaching-and-learning practicum, with charts and diagrams illustrating every procedure and technique. And all 15 learning modules are included in a CD-ROM – with 500 Power Point slides – that accompanies the manual.Checklists and self-test materials allow practitioners to evaluate their performance in each competency. These assessment tools are treatment guidelines provide nurses with positive incentives to expand their knowledge base and improve nursing skills. Healthcare administrators will find objective performance measures that can be used to raise the standard of pediatric nursing care.Each learning module in Competency in Pediatric Nursing includes competency checklists, and tests that can be submitted for Continuing Education credits. Upon successful completion of each test, Nursing CE credits will be awarded – a total of 15 nursing CE credits can be earned by demonstrating competency in each of the subject areas covered in the manual.For Orders and Inquiries, please call: 1-888-427-5800.

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