Gender Law and Policy


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Gender Law and Policy touches on every area of life-topics thatreach us all-such as employment, family, education, and sexual identity. Katharine T. Bartlett and Deborah L. Rhode offer a theoretical framework that supports thoughtful and systematic analysis, alongside over 100 practical questions of contemporary law and policy.


  • Organized in theoretical frameworks to enable student to grasp different conceptualizations of equality and justice.
  • Provides complete, up-to-date coverage of conventional "women and the law" issues, including employment law, affirmative action, sexual harassment, reproductive rights, domestic violence, Title IX, and poverty and race.
  • Shows the complex ways in which gender permeates the law, including issues relating to property, ethics, contracts, sports, and criminal law.
  • Tailors cases to undergraduate use, almost entirely omitting procedural issues

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