Families and Family Values in Society and Culture


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This book which has been created in the framework of the EU-funded COST Action INTERFASOL brings together researchers from 22 INTERFASOL countries, who frame intergenerational family solidarity in the specific historical, cultural, social and economic context of their own country. Integrating different perspectives from social and political sciences, economics, communication, health and psychology, the book offers country-specific knowledge and new insights into family relations, family values and family policies across Europe. Praise for Families and Family Values in Society and Culture: "This comprehensive study of families in Europe reveals the strength and variation in family solidarity and values. By drawing together detailed descriptions of continuity and change, Families and Family Values in Society and Culture provides a fascinating account of the social and cultural contexts that shape European family life. The case studies of families in different European countries compare demographic and welfare regimes to consider the challenges facing generations in Europe and responses to these. The book is an invaluable resource for researchers studying family life and inter-generational solidarity." Clare Holdsworth Professor of Social Geography Keele University "This book is based on the testimony of experts, each of them proposing analyses which are specific to their own society. It provides an opportunity for the reader to take a new look at the evolution of intergenerational solidarity in 22 countries, whose wealth, welfare systems, and demographic situations, as well as recent events (wars, migratory movements, …) offer specific challenges. It adopts the perspective of the insider to shed light not only on culture and values in each country, but also on conflicts between tradition and modernity, and between subcultures in the same society. The book thus allows better understanding of changes in intergenerational and gender relations, and the variety of solutions implemented or suggested to promote more satisfactory expressions of intergenerational solidarity for the next decade. Families and Family Values in Society and Culture provides an invaluable contribution for cross-cultural and social sciences researchers interested in understanding how different forms of solidarity arise from family and social dynamics." Anne Marie Fontaine Professor of Psychology University of Porto

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