Innovations in Child and Family Policy


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Innovations in Child and Family Policy tackles many of the common problems and challenges that are considered to be at the heart of child and family policy: family creation, economic support, childrearing, and family care-giving. Innovations begins by defining child and family policy and discussing the history of this growing specialization within the social sciences. The main chapters of Innovations address policy and programmatic solutions to problems that face families by topic area: (1) early childhood and education, (2) government interventions with family violence, children's welfare, and the justice system, and (3) supports for children and families. Specifically, the chapters in Innovations address the availability of child care, family medical leave, special needs children, parent involvement in their children's education, preventing and addressing child abuse and neglect, children who witness partner violence, child support orders, children of incarcerated fathers, and young adults in the justice system. What makes this book unique is that it contains applied research from many program evaluations or assessments of existing state-level legislation. Social scientists from multiple disciplines examine the efficacy such programs and policies to make recommendations for expanded or new child and family policies. For our novice and/or student readers, we hope that Innovations will help them to develop a greater sense of what academics, professionals, and politicians mean when they speak of 'child and family policy' and also an appreciation for how social science research can contribute to policy-making to support children and families. For our more advanced readers, we hope that these chapters make a significant contribution to the conversations regarding how multidisciplinary social science research can inform policy recommendations. For all of our readers, we hope that the use-inspired research presented in Innovations will help to strengthen and support the well-being of children and families through innovative child and family policies.

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