Family, Household and Gender Relations in Latin America


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This study of family, household and gender relations in Latin America by leading specialists illustrates new approaches to the subject developed by researchers from the region over the last decade and reflects advances made in studies that concern the work and place of women in society. The volume is divided into four sections: analytical perspectives on family and gender; production and reproduction; family and kinship networks; and social classes and lifestyles. Each of the sections is prefaced with an introduction that highlights the essential contribution that women make to society in Latin America. The methods and research findings presented by the authors make and important contribution to the understanding of Latin American society and the research paradigms underlying the contributions which provide new and valuable insights into the relationship between the family and the wider institutional context, the links between the social processes of production and reproduction and themutual determinants of private and public domains have important implications for the study of family sociology and society in other parts of th

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