Television and the American Family


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Television is the primary focal point of the modern American family's leisure time; as such, it has become a common source of concern. In fact, the notion that television is wrecking the family is one of the most popular sensationalistic themes of today's press. "Can TV cause divorce?" "Is TV shaking up the American family?" Although often voiced in frivolous tones, these questions are worthy of consideration. Television and the American Family -- the first comprehensive empirical and theoretical examination of television and American families -- provides serious consideration to these and other related questions.

Presenting the findings of an impressive group of communicologists, psychologists, sociologists, and education specialists, this book discusses:

* How families use television,

* How families are portrayed on television,

* Television's impact on families and family members, and

* Issues of public policy.

This collection represents major advances in our present understanding of television and family; it provides a sturdy foundation on which future study in this vitally important field can be built.

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