Becoming Immortal


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Explores how new organs might be engineered via cloning and reproductive technology to achieve human immortality.

Providing the philosophical, practical, and theoretical leverage for abandoning evolution and development in favor of engineering human beings, Becoming Immortal examines the directions biological change might take if civilization were to take charge of its own destiny. With the aid of embryonic manipulation, cloning, and stem-cell therapy, immortality would seem within the reach of future generations. The question is, “Do we presently have the wisdom to undertake creating immortal organisms?” The author examines every facet of this question, from theory to practice, and provides an answer through an in-depth analysis of life and death.

Stanley Shostak is Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the author of Embryology: An Introduction to Developmental Biology; Death of Life: The Legacy of Molecular Biology; and Evolution of Sameness and Difference: Perspectives on the Human Genome Project.

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