Wild World, Joyful Heart


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The Life You Want is Closer Than You Think

Our wild world is, in many ways, backward and upside down; we've created a culture that supports poor health, loneliness, stress, emotional angst, and polarity. But buckle your seatbelt. Laurie Warren is a change agent, kicking our limiting "common but not normal" cultural mores to the curb and working to shift both our personal and societal approach in favor of empowered well-being.

Wild World, Joyful Heart
is both a rally cry and a guidebook for attaining the physical, emotional, and mental health that you deeply desire. Will you use your mind as a bridge or a barrier? This question is the thread that you'll follow through Laurie’s extensive research, clinical experience, and unique storytelling style to create better health and more joy in your everyday life. This book is an invitation to bravely inhabit your life in a whole new way—while your joy, contentment, and wholeness reverberate out to stitch up our wounded world.

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