Daily Life of the Inuit


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This wide-ranging treatment of daily life in the contemporary Inuit communities of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland reveals the very modern ways of being Inuit.

Daily Life of the Inuit is the first serious study of contemporary Inuit culture and communities from the post-World War II period to the present. Beginning with an introductory essay surveying Inuit prehistory, geography, and contemporary regional diversity, this exhaustive treatment explores the daily life of the Inuit throughout the North American Arctic--in Alaska, Canada, and Greenland.

Twelve thematic chapters acquaint the reader with the daily life of the contemporary Inuit, examining family, intellectual culture, economy, community, politics, technology, religion, popular culture, art, sports and recreation, health, and international engagement. Each chapter begins with a discussion of the historical and cultural underpinnings of Inuit life in the North American Arctic and describes the issues and events relevant to the contemporary Inuit experience. Leading sources are quoted to provide analysis and perspective on the facts presented.

  • Includes a chronology of major cultural and political events from the peopling of the North American Arctic to the present
  • Provides contemporary and historical photographs of people, places, and activities discussed in the text
  • Offers a glossary of key sociological and Inuktitut terms

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